Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Tea and Reflections

So today was long but bountiful as well. I would like to think that my final day of classes went fairly smoothly. I was able to get my lab stuff done without a hitch. However, I did find myself running like a chicken with my head cut off to my evening engagements.

Once I got out of class I had to run home to shower so that I could attend the One Hope Winter Tea. (Which is a dinner and speaker event that is held by and for Christian Military Wives stationed at and around Offutt Air Force Base.) The theme of the night was joy. I think the speaker for the night did a beautiful job relating the idea. I won’t quote her word for word but I will bring up one of her main ideas.

When you can find contentment in the little things in your life, you will find that you fill your entire being with joy. You know those things that you WANT… The things you thing will bring you happiness. They won’t, we all know that they will only open the door to more want and with that comes more discontentment. I know they sound fantastic but really how happy will it make you. So you lose some weight, guess what your still going to want to lose more. You got a brand new car, well you will always find a newer one you want even more. All these things do is temporarily fill the gaps but eventually they are not enough. The speaker talked about two books she read called “1000 gifts” and “kisses from Katie”. I think I will add these to my kindle. Both sounded inspiring and I love hearing words that empower me to be better.

Also while at my dinner I was lucky enough to be in the company of several extremely creative women and I feel that sharing a few of their personally decorated tabled would be fun.
I felt I had to share this one, however the picture doesnt do it justice. As you walked past this woodsy themed table it smelled delicatly of pine, which filled you with thoughts of christmas trees.

CANDIES!!! Need I say more? they use candy to make all the table decorations. One of the most creative!
Christmas BUTTERFLIES!!! How cute traditional colors with a modern girlie twist
Pastels and chritmas, this beauty included a table wrapped in wrapping paper and ornament trees 

These are only a few of my favorites but there was nearly 20 elegantly and uniquesly decorated tables!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finals and an upcoming new year...

So its that time of year. Finals are sneaking up on me quickly. This is my last week of classes and the days are just FLYING by. Next week I have comprehensive finals on monday, tuesday, and friday and then SCHOOLS OUT!!!!
(yep this will be me.... be scared)
 I cannot begin to express how ready i am for these 16 weeks to be over. Considering next semester will be equally as grueling as this one. Physics 2, General Chemistry 2, French 2, General Chemistry 2 Lab, and a Physic Lab.

Honestly I cant wait for the new year. The ending six months of 2011 have been a roller coaster and also very difficult for me and my family. Things have changed and evolved, bumps in the road of life have put us all a bit on edge but I am excited to be able to just turn the page to begin another chapter in this adventure we call life.

I have found new ways to grow as a person this year and made choices I am proud of. However I will have to save all that for a more heartfelt and deep blog post.

So yea thats a tiny update as to whats going on and why i dont blog.. However my goals for 2012 do involve more blogging and homework time. :) so heres to hopeing