Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finals and an upcoming new year...

So its that time of year. Finals are sneaking up on me quickly. This is my last week of classes and the days are just FLYING by. Next week I have comprehensive finals on monday, tuesday, and friday and then SCHOOLS OUT!!!!
(yep this will be me.... be scared)
 I cannot begin to express how ready i am for these 16 weeks to be over. Considering next semester will be equally as grueling as this one. Physics 2, General Chemistry 2, French 2, General Chemistry 2 Lab, and a Physic Lab.

Honestly I cant wait for the new year. The ending six months of 2011 have been a roller coaster and also very difficult for me and my family. Things have changed and evolved, bumps in the road of life have put us all a bit on edge but I am excited to be able to just turn the page to begin another chapter in this adventure we call life.

I have found new ways to grow as a person this year and made choices I am proud of. However I will have to save all that for a more heartfelt and deep blog post.

So yea thats a tiny update as to whats going on and why i dont blog.. However my goals for 2012 do involve more blogging and homework time. :) so heres to hopeing


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