Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Golden Birthday to Me!

      So I have come back and forth over the years deleting everything from my blog and starting fresh or just writing a blog I never actually published. The past few years of my life have been a whirlwind of being insanely busy while still trying to juggle my big ideas. Well thats neither here nor there, this year I have decided I am doing to take a time out everyday to blog. I think it will be a beautiful way to commemorate my golden year of life. I have no plans on limiting my blog to any one topic. The possibilities could include makeup, beauty, fashion, family, food, kids, life with a wounded warrior, or even just interesting stories told to me by my overly dramatic children.

      Lets start in the beginning, I grew up with a single parent. My mom had two previous children and my dad had three previous children. I was just like any other little curly haired blonde girl. I grew up in a poor neighborhood in an average sized town. My childhood had its ups and downs but for the most part it was average. 

      These days I am just a mom, starting my 26th year today. I have dozens of interests and about a million creative hobbies. I change my hair like normal people change their clothes. I love getting all dressed up and painting my face however I don't frequently do it. I love my yoga pants just as much as I love mascara. You can often find me running around doing my mom thing. 

      However in other news, I drink too much and swear too much. My humor tends to be inappropriate and a little bit vulgar. Recently I have found a new love of infinity scarves. Shoes give me as much happiness as chocolate. And Im pretty sure my veins are filled with coffee and wine.

      Well heres to twenty-six... Wish me luck and enjoy this witty little endeavor I have decided to take on!

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