Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My birthday festivities

So this year I decided to keep things calm (for once) to celebrate my birth. Usually there is bars, dancing, large groups of people, and a dd that is an expert at drunk wrangling. 
This year I opted to hit dinner with my brother.
He picked me up and off we headed to the casino (it's kind of our thing). We at at the steakhouse above Harrahs.
It was great our sever was sweet and the view was to die for.
For those who don't know you can see the Missouri River and the downtown Omaha skyline perfectly from here. 
We had champagne with dinner. 
And I got to eat one of my favorite food in the entire world, PRIME RIB! It was delicious even though I didn't finish it. 
And since it was my birthday they brought me one of the cutest little cheesecakes.
Once dinner was over my best friend in the entire world joined us for unlimited drinks in the diamond lounge. Apparently I didn't take a picture but the view was pretty nice from there also. 
All in all it was a pretty nice and calm birthday. Cheers to 26! 

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