Friday, November 18, 2011

Twilight and testing...

So the past 24 hours have been long and amazing. I got everything done I needed to last night and when midnight came along I was out with my bestie Ashley. As some of you may know midnight was the time that you could go to see the midnight premier of......
Oh ya.... I am totally a Twilight fan. <3 Let me just says that that was the most fantastic way to spend an hour and 48 minutes of my life. The movie was fabulous. Well done and directed and I am sooooooooooooo excited for the next part to come out next year. We went to a place in two that serve food and alcohol with your movie... This definitely made it better. Upon getting there we laughed and chatted about the books and when we wanted to happen and where it might end. And we also saw a few people dressed.... creatively to say the least. I finally got home at nearly 3 in the MORNING!!! That was rather awful but worth it all the same.

(Awful picture I know however front facing iPhone pictures suck when you're in a dark room. We were waiting for the movie to start!)

Today, I was finally forced to peel myself out of bed at 10 a.m., because thankfully the hubster took the kiddies to preschool and daycare. I had to run to get to class... Oh ya not only did, I have class... I had a French exam! FML. However I feel ok about it. I sucked a dictation... however I always do poorly on is she speaks faster then she should for first year French.

Following French I went to gen chem lab. Exciting I know. I had to run like a million mini reactions to find out what Anion samples I had. One of my reactions turned blood red... I can’t lie... I laughed slightly since I still had the movie on my mind.

Once I got all my school stuff done, I got to come home! (Yay home, I rarely get to be there) On the downside once I got home I had to cook dinner and do some planning because my brother was going to bring my 1 year old niece over for me to spend the night with me. Even though I have two kids and I think to myself how easy one child was I have to constantly remind myself everyone has off days. So to give my brother and his sweet girlfriend a break from the demands of a rugrat I took her off their hands. What’s one more passenger on the Tiffany crazy town express?!?!?! So she’s here all small and cute like a one year old. She waddles around silent, looking at everything with my two, J and P, run through the house screaming, yelling, and fighting. However with little pumpkin here they are both stuck to her like glue. It’s ridiculous... my kids act like they have never seen other children before, or maybe like she is their new toy. I caught my two year old trying to pick her up?!?! Seriously son... you can’t just he-man lift up everything you find interesting, especially not people because when you are ten people will find it socially unacceptable.

So there you have it my day... One thing after another till nearly 9 at night when we waged the dreaded bedtime war and mommy got some much needed homework time.

Well goodnight everyone, dream of cupcakes and craziness!



Jenny Lynn said...

Busy busy! I know how that is! I can't wait to see the movie! Probably not until next month, but that's ok I usually don't even see it in theaters, actually never saw any Twilight ones in theater lol!

Tiffany Marie said...

I have seen them all in theaters.. <3